6 Free and Versatile Investment Spreadsheets with Real-Time Trends

The enduring popularity and versatility of a basic investment spreadsheet make it a favored choice for portfolio tracking. According to OldSchoolValue.com, “Every serious DIY investor still uses stock tracking spreadsheets.”

Utilizing a personal investment spreadsheet offers numerous advantages, including privacy, simplicity, and the ability to customize it to your specific needs.

With this tool, you can easily monitor the value of your stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and other investments. Additionally, you have the flexibility to generate custom reports, analyze trends, project tax obligations, and visualize retirement income scenarios.

Maintaining Up-to-Date Holdings Data

Both Google Sheets and Excel (with a Microsoft 365 subscription) offer convenient options for automating the inclusion of current and historical stock pricing data in your spreadsheets.

Updated stock data in Excel

Stocks is a new Excel feature for Microsoft 365 subscribers. It’s a type of “linked data” because it connects to an online data source. Use to keep your stock prices updated with a refresh of your workbook. Learn more here.

Meanwhile, the STOCKHISTORY function retrieves historical data about a financial instrument and loads it as an array. Learn more here.

Updated stock data in Google Sheets

In terms of high-quality, free investment trackers, Google Sheets offers a greater variety compared to Microsoft Excel. This is primarily due to the longstanding support of the GOOGLEFINANCE function in Google Sheets.

Unlike the Stocks data type in Excel, the GOOGLEFINANCE function in Google Sheets provides the advantage of automatically updating your spreadsheet with the latest prices every 20 minutes. This ensures that your investment data remains up to date without manual intervention.

Free Investment Templates for Google Sheets

Simple Investment Calculator for Google Sheets

Assess your progress towards your investment goals and simulate the potential impact of strategy adjustments using this complimentary investment calculator designed for Google Sheets.

Investment Tracking Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

Effortlessly monitor the daily price history of your stocks in Google Sheets using this straightforward template powered by Google Finance.

“Ultimate Investment Tracking Spreadsheet” from Rob Berger

Renowned financial expert Rob Berger, the founder of Dough Roller, has generously shared an exceptional investment tracker for Google Sheets on his website. This tracker allows you to monitor key fundamentals of your holdings, including purchase price, current value, and expense ratio. Additionally, you have the ability to assign an asset class to each holding. The template then automatically tracks your allocations over time, providing insight into when it may be necessary to rebalance your portfolio.

Free Investment Templates for Excel

Simple Investment Tracker for Excel

Utilize Excel for efficient investment tracking. Simply inputting text into a cell and converting it to the Stocks data type enables you to establish a connection that brings back valuable and dynamic information. This user-friendly investment tracking spreadsheet template is ideal for monitoring your stock portfolio, providing a clear overview of your current holdings with updated prices and asset details.

Free Stock Quotes in Excel from Vertex42

Vertex42 offers a straightforward template that harnesses Excel’s Stock data type to obtain price updates. In addition, it features a basic stock portfolio worksheet that leverages VLOOKUP to retrieve the current price based on the stock symbol. This template provides a convenient solution for tracking stocks and staying informed about their latest prices.

Stock Portfolio Tracker Excel Template 

The Stock portfolio tracker Excel template from Indzara shows:

  • Current market value of all your stocks and the Cash balance
  • Portfolio mix by instrument type and industry
  • Today’s market performance and your portfolio performance
  • List of all your stocks with performance data (Quantity, Gain/Loss, % Gain/Loss, etc.)

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