Best Christmas Planner 2023 – Christmas Planner Budget Spreadsheet Google Sheets Template

What’s up, everyone? Welcome back to my website. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, we’re in the Christmas spirit, and I’m going to show you my new Christmas budget planning spreadsheet. It’s a product I’m selling on my Officehabit Shop. It’s a powerful budget planning tool, so be sure to check it out. If you haven’t seen my monthly budget spreadsheet, you should take a look at that. If you’re interested in learning more about budget planning for yourself using Google Sheets, there’s no need for further advertising. Let’s get right into it and show you everything you can do with this budget planning tool.

Prepare for the holidays with this comprehensive Christmas planner spreadsheet! This will transform your seasonal organization and budgeting, making holiday planning easier than ever.

The Gift Tracker allows you to create your gift list and monitor your expenses. This user-friendly tool provides an overview of your shopping progress and budget spending.

It’s the ideal tool to streamline your Christmas shopping experience!

In the Gift & Budget Trackers tab, all calculations are automated, making our Christmas budget planner simple and accessible even for those without a technical background. Just input your transactions, and watch as the spreadsheet updates automatically.


Gift and Budget Management: Manage your holiday gift list and budget with precision, enabling you to allocate funds strategically and make thoughtful gift choices.
Printable Gift Shopping List: Create a streamlined shopping list that keeps you organized and focused while you shop for your loved ones.
Stocking and Card Tracking: Keep track of stocking stuffers and holiday cards, ensuring no detail is overlooked during this festive season.
Printable Calendar: Plan your holiday events, activities, and important dates with the festive calendar, allowing you to stay on top of your holiday schedule.
Comprehensive Activities: Access printable sheets for activities, meal planning, baking lists, and more, elevating your holiday preparations to the next level.

This Templates: Christmas Planner Budget Spreadsheet Google Sheets Template


The list includes gifts you’d like to receive or purchase for yourself, essentially your personal wish list. You can include various details such as the item, a link to it (for easy access during Black Friday or Cyber Monday), the type of gift (categorized based on our category list), the price, and any additional notes. There’s also a “For Self” section, where you can check off items you’ve purchased for yourself, creating a convenient checklist.

Gifts Planner

Here, you’ll find the Gifts Planner, which is the main focus. In this section, you have an overview that automatically displays your budget for all the items, actual spend, and remaining budget. It works similarly to the Holiday Budget tab. The main tasks here are similar to your Wish List:

  • For whom is this gift intended: List the names of the people you’re buying gifts for.
  • What gift idea you have in mind: For instance, you could write “necklace” for your mom.
  • The type of gift: Specify whether it’s a gift card, handmade item, clothing, or other. You can also create new categories like “jewelry” if you plan to buy various jewelry items.

This way, you can keep track of gift ideas and expenses for different recipients.

Gifts Received

Next is the Gifts Received section, where you can log the gifts you’ve received and keep track of whether you’ve thanked the givers. Here’s how it works:

  • Enter the name of the person who gave you the gift.
  • Describe the gift they gave you.
  • Categorize the gift based on its type.
  • Include any additional notes, such as a need for exchange or return.
  • Mark whether you’ve expressed your gratitude with a simple “Yes” or “No.”

This feature helps you stay organized and remember to thank everyone for their thoughtful gifts.


The next part I want to show you is the Holiday Calendar. This handy feature allows you to track your holiday plans and dates between November and December. Here’s how it works:

  • The top section automatically calculates how many days are left until Christmas. It also highlights today’s date automatically.
  • You can add your holiday plans or events, such as visiting cousins, Black Friday sales, or specific shopping days.
  • Customize your calendar by tracking the number of days left until Christmas, noting important events, or planning your holiday shopping days.

You can even add some stickers to make it more festive and personalized, which I’ll explain in the Stickers section later.

Christmas Card

Lastly, we have the Christmas Card section, which is quite straightforward. You can:

  • Add various pictures or ideas for your Christmas card theme, outfits, and more. Simply paste your photos into the section.
  • Once you’ve created your final Christmas card, you can insert the picture here, serving as a reference for future years.
  • Enter the names of people on your nice list, and their addresses will be auto-populated if you’ve added them.
  • There’s also a selection of free stickers that you can use to decorate your planner. Simply copy and paste them wherever you like within the planner to make it more visually appealing and fun to use.

Thank you for watching, and I hope you found this explanation helpful. If you’re interested, you can purchase one for yourself!

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