Bookkeeping Small Business, Budget Spreadsheet Inventory Template: A Practical Solution for Small Businesses

We’ve gathered a crucial assortment of small business expense reports to streamline your organization’s expense tracking. Precisely monitoring expenses, whether through a report, spreadsheet, or tracker, is instrumental in maintaining your budget.

Our comprehensive All-In-One Bookkeeping Small Business Budget Spreadsheet is designed to aid you in monitoring your business income, expenses, profits, and inventory.

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This printable template for small business expense reporting provides a straightforward method for monitoring company expenses. You can utilize the predefined category names or customize the column headings to suit your specific expense tracking needs. This spreadsheet enables you to record payments, itemize expenses, and perform various other tracking tasks. After inputting the amounts, the template automatically computes the total reimbursements. Additionally, there’s a dedicated section for including comprehensive descriptions of each expenditure.

This Templates: Bookkeeping Small Business Budget Spreadsheet

This is a Google spreadsheet with the following capabilities:

☆ Income Tracker to record and track all your business income streams (up to 20 different categories) and sales tax received
☆ Expense Tracker to record and track all your business expenses (up to 20 different types) and sales tax paid (and eligible for refunds in certain tax jurisdictions)
☆ Annual overview of your income, expenses and profits over the year
☆ Deep dive into a specific month’s income, expenses and profits
☆ Accounting to track taxes collected and paid by month
☆ Inventory template to organize and keep track of your materials and product inventories – items needing to be restocked will be automatically tagged

What Is a Small Business Expense Report Template?

A small business expense report template is a tool designed to monitor daily or weekly expenses. It allows you to record various costs, administrative expenditures, vendor payments, reimbursable employee outlays, and more. Utilizing a template can greatly streamline the process of tracking all expenses, leading to more organized accounting.

Accurate expense tracking is a crucial task for small business proprietors, and employing a template can significantly simplify this process. You can tailor the categories within the templates found on this page to align with your precise financial requirements. Whether you need to monitor costs and expenses on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, these templates offer the flexibility to meet your specific business needs. A typical small business expense tracking template includes a range of features, many of which you can customize as necessary:

  • Name: Track expenses by employee or group name.
  • Employee ID: Use employee identification numbers as an alternate way to track expenses. 
  • Statement: Organize expense reports with a statement number to allow for easy cross-referencing and document retrieval.
  • Department: Many businesses have separate budgets for each department. Enter department details to assign expenses correctly.
  • Manager: Enter the name of the manager responsible for the employee incurring expenses. 
  • Date: Enter the date of the expenditure.
  • Description: Add descriptions of costs and expenses for more detailed accounting.
  • Expense Category: Organize your costs into typical categories, such as rent, taxes, utilities, legal, marketing, payroll, and inventory.
  • Purpose of Expense: Beyond categorizing expenses, it can also be helpful to track the purpose of each expenditure. 
  • Authorized By: Enter the name of the authorizing employee for any expenses incurred.
  • Total: View total expenditures. 
  • Monthly or Weekly Tracking: View total costs and expenditures by week, month, or year.

If you’re running a small business, you may need more advanced software. However, if you’re a self-employed entrepreneur, a blogger, a creator of handmade crafts, and so on, Google Sheets can be a free and precise solution for tracking your financial income for tax purposes and business planning.

If you’ve never used Excel or Google Sheets before, it may not be as difficult as you think! Tutorial videos on YouTube can help you acquire some basic knowledge on how to start a new Google Sheets spreadsheet, format cells, and apply fundamental formulas.

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