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Hello and welcome to this post. Today, I’m delighted to take you on a tour of my Christmas Gift Tracker, a Google Sheets Template. This template is designed to serve you each and every year with ease. All you need to do is navigate to the settings tab, double-click here, and select your Christmas Day for the corresponding year. It’s a timeless tool created for those of you who are Christmas enthusiasts – those who thrive on planning, organization, budgeting, and basically being as efficient as possible. I hope you find this template both enjoyable and useful. Now, let’s explore the entire template and its components in a quick overview before delving into each section in detail.

In the realm of holiday finances, we’re not just discussing gifts; there are also expenses related to dinners, special outings, and various other holiday activities. This template allows you to budget for all your Christmas spending, making it not only a gift tracker. To manage expenses not related to gifts, you can utilize the two tables on the left, which I’ll explore in more detail shortly. As for Christmas gifts, there are dedicated tabs right here. The budget planner, when empty and just starting, provides suggestions based on your gift budget. As you begin allocating a budget for each gift recipient, these suggestions will adapt to ensure equitable distribution and provide an overview of your overall spending. Additionally, it helps you stay within your budget. Here’s how it works: you begin with your most…


  • 🎁 Instant download
  • 🎁 Christmas Count Down!
  • 🎁 Gift Status Bar – view the change in percentage of each status as you update your gift status from “To Buy” > “Bought” > “Wrapped” > “Delivered”.
  • 🎁 Circular Progress Bar – to track your progress.
  • 🎁 Colors – color code your gifts by category
  • 🎁 Record your status and category easily with drop down list
  • 🎁 Gift Status Board – An organized way to view your gifts and track your progress
  • 🎁 Fully editable (Add new labels if needed, Add new columns in Gift Status Board if needed)
  • 🎁 Easily add and delete rows within the table
  • 🎁 Colorful Minimalist Theme


✔️ This spreadsheet is specifically designed for Google Sheets
✔️ Works on a Mac & PC with a web browser
✔️ Works on iPhone, iPad, Tablet and any smart phones with the free Google Sheets App
❌ Does NOT works on Excel
❌ NOT a printable product

This Templates: Christmas Gift Tracker Google Sheets Template


I find Google Sheets to be an excellent tool for organization and budget tracking. They are incredibly user-friendly and can be easily accessed on the go through the Google Sheets app.

The Google Sheet planner I’ve designed enables you to establish a comprehensive budget for your Christmas gift shopping.

You can then utilize the planner to set individual budgets for each person on your gift list.

Furthermore, you can make notes about the gifts you intend to purchase and specify the stores where you plan to make those purchases.

Once you’ve made a purchase, you can record the actual cost, and the planner will automatically calculate the remaining funds, considering both the individual budget and the overall gift budget you’ve designated.

This approach allows you to make real-time decisions about whether to adjust someone else’s budget, buy an additional gift, or potentially save on your overall budget as you progress through your gift shopping journey.

It’s not November at the moment, but as soon as November rolls around, each passing day will be grayed out on the calendar until you reach Christmas Day. Remember, you don’t change the Christmas Day date here; you change it in the settings tab. Simply double-click and set your Christmas Day for that specific year. The calendar will then be updated accordingly, along with your countdown of days until Christmas.

I recommend keeping a blank version of this template, one in which you haven’t added any data. This way, you can go back to the blank version each year and create a new copy from it. Here’s how to do it: Click on “File,” select “Make a copy,” give it a different name, choose a different folder to store it if needed, and then click on “Make a copy.” This will provide you with a fresh copy to start editing while preserving your blank version for future use.

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