Client Communication & Small Business Tracker: Google Sheets Templates for Calls, Emails, and CRM

Comprehensive Client Call & Email Tracking with Google Sheets: Ideal for Small Businesses, CRM, and More

Discover our versatile Client Call and Email Tracker in Google Sheets, designed to streamline your call log and email activity management. This invaluable tool is suitable for a wide range of users, including account managers, sales teams, healthcare professionals, and customer service representatives.

Our Client Call and Email Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets empowers small business owners to efficiently organize and track their client communication. This easy-to-use business tracker offers insights into the number of calls and emails per client, along with their most recent contact dates.

Additionally, this adaptable small business template doubles as a CRM lead tracker, featuring an intuitive dashboard that presents monthly call and email summaries, a 7-day activity overview, and the ratio of unanswered to answered calls and emails. It’s not just a tracker; it’s a complete business planner. The included to-do list allows you to set tasks for each client, helping you manage your client interactions with ease.


Call Log: Keep a detailed record of client calls, including dates, topics, follow-ups, and important notes. Never miss a detail or forget a follow-up again.
Email Tracker: Monitor email interactions, ensuring timely responses, tracking important discussions, and maintaining efficient client communication.
Small Business Template: Start using our user-friendly template to manage client interactions right away, saving you time and effort in creating your own system.
CRM Lead Tracking: Manage your leads, prospects, and client details in one place, making it easy to prioritize, nurture, and convert leads into loyal customers.
Business Planning: Incorporate client interactions into your overall business planning, aligning your efforts with client needs and strategic goals.


✔️ This spreadsheet is specifically designed for Google Sheets
✔️ Works on a Mac & PC with a web browser
✔️ Works on iPhone, iPad, Tablet and any smart phones with the free Google Sheets App
❌ Does NOT works on Excel

This Templates: Client Call Tracker & Email Tracker, Google Sheets

Make certain your team maintains precise client records with this straightforward client call log template. This template provides fields for inputting the date, call start and end times, client’s name, contact number, action items, and extra comments.

Sales Call Log Template

Sales teams must maintain a thorough log of their phone conversations with both current and prospective clients, ensuring that the history of interactions and potential sales opportunities is easily accessible. This sales call log template is particularly valuable for businesses seeking to create a comprehensive document that accommodates additional details related to sales objectives. This centralized template, designed for sales-specific purposes, also provides sections for recording client phone numbers, dates, contacts, notes, and more for each client call.

Benefits of the Customer Call and Email Log Template

Precisely track time, activities, and all sales or payment-related details associated with your customer interactions. Using the Customer Call and Email Log Template also allows you to:

  • Monitor activities surrounding your accounts.
  • Stay informed about all sales-related details for your customers.
  • Enhance customer relationships and service quality.
  • Predict important next steps.
  • Note varying levels of customer satisfaction with your service.
  • Identify customers who haven’t paid on time and the necessary payment actions.
  • Reach out to potential sales leads.
  • Attract existing customers to additional services.

Empowering everyone to rise above it all with a flexible platform designed to meet your team’s needs and adapt as those needs change.

The Client Call Tracker & Email Tracker, Google Sheets, Call Log, Small Business Template, CRM Lead Tracker, Business Tracker, Business Planner makes it easy for you to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team work more efficiently and accomplish more. Reporting on key figures and having the ability to display real-time work progress with built-in summary reports, dashboards, and automated workflows to keep your team connected and updated.

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