Digital Gratitude Journal, 100+ Journal Prompts Google Sheets Template Digital Gratitude Journal, 100+ Journal Prompts 2023

This tutorial introduces an efficient and convenient method for maintaining a journal with the help of Google Forms. After extensive experimentation aimed at purposefully documenting my life, I’ve unearthed valuable techniques for logging significant events, monitoring personal objectives, and engaging in self-reflection. Armed with this knowledge, I’ve integrated these successful approaches into a Google Forms format, creating a fast and straightforward means of consistent data recording. By employing some creative foresight, you can configure a Google Form to swiftly capture daily life data, allowing you to do so as frequently as you deem necessary.

Before delving into effective journaling practices, I began by recording my daily mood, energy levels, and attention span to gain insight into my stress management challenges. As I expanded the same form to include daily activities, I observed that it yielded a constructive reflection akin to traditional journaling. After a year of entries, I discerned methods for honing in on specific goals and habits. Transitioning from thousands of scattered pages across various cloud storage platforms to making the Form application a daily ritual, I recognized two enduring benefits: firstly, journaling enabled me to crystallize my aspirations and emotions, enhancing my understanding of them; and secondly, tailored Google Forms emerged as a constructive tool for scrutinizing my habits, moods, and progress toward goals.

So, whether you desire a swift and efficient way to record your daily goals and achievements while maintaining accessible data, or simply wish to begin collecting and reflecting privately using cloud storage, this tutorial has something valuable to offer.

Crafted with the ethos of ‘Simplicity with Strength,’ this Gratitude Journal Google Sheets Template employs a straightforward “Plant A Tree” concept to inspire individuals of all ages to adopt the habit of daily gratitude journaling in an enjoyable, uncomplicated, and distinctive manner. Observe as your sapling 🌱 matures into a sturdy tree🌳 with each additional journal entry. Its ease of use is matched by a plethora of practical features. Easily input your daily journal entries with the assistance of over 100 journal prompts and daily affirmations.

This Templates: Digital Gratitude Journal, 100+ Journal Prompts

Key Features:

  • ✏️ Over 100 daily gratitude journal prompts (automatically changes each day)
  • ✏️ Randomly generated daily affirmations prompts
  • ✏️ Calculates day streaks, making it perfect for taking on the 15 or 30 Days Gratitude Challenge
  • ✏️ Nurture your journal writing habit by planting trees each day 🌱
  • ✏️ Versatile usage as a mindfulness journal, self-care planner, wellness journal, therapy journal, anxiety journal, and self-love journal. Guided journal prompts encourage mindfulness and appreciation for everyday moments.
  • ✏️ Includes a pie chart summarizing your gratefulness
  • ✏️ Organize your journal with color-coded tags
  • ✏️ Elevate your journaling experience by adding pictures πŸ–ΌοΈ
  • ✏️ Gratitude Board: an intuitive way to view your reflection journal entries
  • ✏️ Easily filter your board to stay organized
  • ✏️ Customize your digital gratitude journal by setting custom journal prompts and affirmation prompts
  • ✏️ Personalize your gratitude planner by changing font style and colors to reflect your own unique style
  • ✏️ Unlimited writing space: add extra rows as needed

Your Digital Download Includes:

  • πŸ“ 1 Google Sheet Template with 5 tabs:
    • – Gratitude Journal
    • – Monthly Gratitude Board (Duplicate 1 for each month)
    • – Daily Affirmations
    • – Summary
    • – Labels and Colors Customization


  • βœ”οΈ Specifically designed for Google Sheets
  • βœ”οΈ Compatible with Mac and PC web browsers
  • βœ”οΈ Compatible with iPhone, iPad, tablet, and smartphones using the free Google Sheets App
  • ❌ Not compatible with Excel
  • ❌ Not compatible with GoodNotes or other PDF annotation apps


  • βœ”οΈ A free Gmail account to access Google Sheets

What You Will Receive:

  • βœ”οΈ A detailed PDF with instructions and a link to the Google Sheets File.

In this article, I’ve utilized the Digital Gratitude Journal, along with 100+ Journal Prompts, a Mindfulness Journal, a Self-Care Planner, and a Therapy Wellness Journal, all integrated into a Google Sheets Template, much like what I’ve been using for the past few years. One of the advantages of using this form application is the ability to bookmark pages and access it directly from your phone’s home screen.

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