Digital Mood Tracker Spreadsheet Google Sheets Template: Mood Journal

When I explored the various mood tracking apps available across different app stores, I quickly realized that they were essentially glorified bells and whistles. However, when I started using the Digital Mood Tracker Spreadsheet, Google Sheets Template, Mood Journal, Mood Chart, Feelings/Emotion Tracker, Mood Log, and Daily Mood Tracker, I found myself quite content with what I had at my disposal.

Typically, there are several ways for you to input your feelings along with additional information about the day or the previous night. This data is transformed into charts to help you monitor your mood over time and identify correlations between specific events and your emotional state. It’s essentially that simple.

I discovered that I could build this system by using Google Forms for data input, Google Sheets for data storage and analysis, as well as Apps Script for sending daily reminders to fill in the form.

Utilize Polaroids to Track Your Moods Professionally ๐Ÿ˜†

Capture your daily mood, sleep, and weather with the charm of polaroid pictures!

This meticulously designed Digital Mood Tracker Google Sheets Template offers a beautiful and user-friendly interface, while providing valuable statistical insights.

With the option to select your moods, sleep patterns, and weather conditions from a drop-down list, as well as a dedicated notes section for each day, recording your experiences becomes effortless.

Additionally, the template includes a Mood Bar, Mood Chart, and Mood Association Analysis, all aimed at providing you with useful information about your mood.

This Templates: Digital Mood Tracker Spreadsheet Google Sheets Template

How to use

Customization is at your fingertips with customizable icons and labels ๐Ÿ˜†


  • 1 Google Sheet Template featuring 16 tabs
  • 1 Tab for Mood Overview
  • 1 Tab for Sleep Overview
  • 1 Tab for Weather Overview
  • 1 Tab for Icons & Labels Customization
  • The remaining 12 tabs are dedicated to monthly mood tracking.


  • Specifically designed for Google Sheets
  • Compatible with Mac & PC web browsers
  • Works seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, Tablet, and any smart phone with the free Google Sheets App
  • Not compatible with Excel

โ—Please note that it only supports 5 values for Moods, Sleep, and Weather attributes.


  • Instantly downloadable
  • Calendar Layout – offers a comprehensive yearly overview of your mood, sleep, and weather patterns.
  • Fully customizable icons and labels
  • Mood Chart / Emotion Chart
  • Mood Bar
  • Mood Association Analysis
  • Effortlessly record your mood with the use of drop-down lists
  • Dedicated note section for each day, allowing you to jot down personal reflections.
  • Certain cells are protected with a warning to prevent accidental edits (However, feel free to customize as needed)
  • Fully editable (Feel free to change the font style)


  • A free Gmail account to access Google Sheets.


  • A PDF containing a link to the Google Sheets File.

Polaroid-inspired Google Sheets Template

This refers to a specific template designed for Google Sheets, which is themed after the popular Polaroid cameras known for their instant photo prints.

Capture Your Daily Mood

This suggests that the template includes a feature to record or track your daily mood. It may provide options or a scale to indicate how you feel each day.

Capture Your Daily Sleep

This implies that the template helps you monitor and record your daily sleep patterns. It may have sections to input the number of hours slept, quality of sleep, or any sleep-related notes.

Capture Daily Weather

This indicates that the template allows you to track and record the weather conditions for each day. It may include fields to note the temperature, weather type (sunny, rainy, etc.), and possibly additional details like wind speed or precipitation.

Overall, the combination of the keywords suggests a digital tool that integrates mood tracking, sleep monitoring, and weather recording in a visually appealing format resembling Polaroid photographs.

In conclusion

The Polaroid-inspired Google Sheets template offers a user-friendly and visually appealing way to capture and monitor your daily mood, sleep patterns, and weather conditions. By using this template, you have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how these factors interplay and affect your daily life.

The convenience of Google Sheets allows you to access and update the template from anywhere, making it a convenient tool for self-reflection and analysis. Whether for personal growth, health monitoring, or simply out of curiosity, this template provides an excellent means to capture and track your daily experiences.

So, embrace this innovative approach to journaling and start capturing your daily mood, sleep quality, and weather with Polaroid-inspired flair.

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