Guide: Importing JSON into Google Sheets

JSON is a standard protocol for sending data between applications.

In this tutorial, will show you how to import JSON data into Google Sheets using an open-source, free script available on Github.

Then, in the final section, the article will guide you through an even easier method to import JSON data into Google Sheets with more advanced features.

Using the free ImportJSON script:

  1. Open Google Sheets

Open a new or existing Google Sheets page.

Tip: You can access a new Google Sheets page by typing “” in your browser.

  1. Open the script editor

In Google Sheets, click on Extensions > Apps Script in the top menu.

  1. In the script editor, delete the placeholder content

If there is any placeholder code entered in the script editor, you can delete that code.

  1. Copy and paste the open-source code


Copy all the code for “import_json_appsscript.js” and paste it into the script editor of Google Sheets.

This is an open-source script created by someone to import JSON into Google Sheets. It is free to use.

Additionally, there are other free ImportJSON scripts available online if you are searching for them.

Save and name the script

After you have copied and pasted the entire script into the script editor, click on the save button and name your project.

You can name your project as you like, but a name like “ImportJSON” will make it easier for you to remember.

  1. Return to Google Sheets

After saving your project in the script editor, you can now close the script editor tab in your browser and go back to your Google Sheets.

Now, in any cell of your Google Sheets, start typing “=import” (without the double quotes), and you will see a pop-up window for “ImportJSON” as an option. This is the script you saved in the script editor.

Click on the “ImportJSON” option.

  1. Add the JSON API URL

After opening the JSON import formula, you will need to add your JSON API URL.

If you want to use a free JSON API URL for testing, you can use one of the following URLs:

Enter your URL like this:


Make sure to use “double quotes” around the URL and ‘single quotes’ around the double quotes.

In the URL is where you will specify your endpoint and add any other parameters to fetch the data you need.

  1. Enter the JSON data

The final step to import JSON is, after entering the JSON URL into your Google Sheets, press the Enter key on your keyboard and wait for the JSON data to populate the spreadsheet.

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