Guide on How to Embed Google Sheets into Google Docs for Automatic Data Updates

Inserting data from Google Sheets into Google Docs as a static table is quite straightforward. However, if you want updates in the original Google Sheets to reflect in Google Docs, here’s how to make it happen.

How to Insert a Linked Google Sheets Range into Google Docs

Assuming you have a data table as shown below in Google Sheets and want to insert this table into Google Docs. The requirement here is to insert this table as a link to the original Google Sheets so that any changes will automatically reflect in Google Docs.

Below are the steps to insert a Google Sheets range into Google Docs:

Step 1: Select the range in Google Sheets that you want to insert into Google Docs.

Step 2: Copy the selected range by using the keyboard shortcut Control + C or right-clicking and choosing the Copy command..

Step 3: Open the Google Docs document where you want to insert the table.

Step 4: Place the cursor at the location where you want to insert the table.

Step 5: Paste the data using the keyboard shortcut Control + V or right-clicking and choosing the Paste command. This action will open the Paste Table dialog.

Step 6: In the Paste Table dialog, ensure that the Link to Spreadsheet option is selected.

Step 7: Click the Paste button.

These steps will insert the Google Sheets table into your Google Docs document. Since this table is linked to the original data in Google Sheets, any changes you make to the source data in Google Sheets will also update these changes in the table pasted into Google Docs.

Note: Data is not updated in real-time, and you will need to manually update by clicking the Update button (mentioned in the next section just below).

There are two things to note when using this technique:

  • The copied data in Google Sheets is linked to the original data, but it does not update in real-time. However, it provides an option for you to update the data with just one click.
  • This only works when both the Google Sheets document and the Google Docs document are stored in the same account (or have been shared with full access). If you attempt to copy data from Google Sheets from one account to Google Docs in another account, the Paste Table dialog will not appear. Instead, you can only paste it as a static data table without a link.

Update Google Sheets data in Google Docs with one click

When you make any changes to the data within the original range in Google Sheets (that has been copied and pasted into Google Docs), you will notice the Update option in Google Docs (appears only when you select any cell in the table).

The Update button only appears when there are changes in the Google Sheets data table. To apply those changes and reflect them in Google Docs, simply click the Update button.

Beyond altering cell values, you can also transfer formatting from Google Sheets to Google Docs.

For instance, if you manually change the color of some cells in the original data in Google Sheets, you will see the Update button in Google Docs. Clicking this button will update the formatting changes from the spreadsheet to Google Docs.

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