Guide on Protecting Sheets in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is considered an excellent tool for collaboration and sharing work with multiple users. However, it also becomes one of the issues that users frequently mention when working on Google Sheets. The concern is that anyone can access and make changes to your spreadsheet. In some cases, this might be something you want to avoid.

Therefore, you can set up the sheet protection feature, restricting access to ranges in Google Sheets to ensure that no one disrupts your work. Let’s follow the steps in the guide below!

How to Protect Sheets in Google Sheets

Step 1: Click on the Data tab > Protect sheets and ranges. After clicking, it will open the ‘Sheets and Ranges Protected’ section in the upper right corner.

Step 2: In the ‘Sheets and Ranges Protected’ section, choose Add a sheet or range.

Step 2: In the ‘Sheets and Ranges Protected’ section, select Add a sheet or range.

Step 3: Enter the data in the description section. If you have multiple ranges of cells to protect, this will help you manage and control them more effectively.

Step 4: Below the description section, choose one of the two options (Cell range or Sheet). In this example, if you want to protect a range of cells, select Cell range.

Step 5: Click on the grid icon and select the range of cells you want to protect within the spreadsheet.

Step 6: Click on the Set Permissions button to determine who can edit this range. Here, you have two options:

  • Show a warning when editing this range: This allows anyone to edit the range, but it will display a warning. It can be useful if you don’t want to restrict editing but want control over the editing actions. For example, if you want to receive entries in a specific date format or ensure users input correct content. However, you cannot modify the warning message.
  • Limit who can edit this range: From the dropdown menu, you can choose ‘Only you’ or ‘Custom.’ When you choose ‘Custom,’ you can add other members who will have editing rights. To add editors, simply enter their email addresses and click Done.

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