Home Renovation Planning Toolkit: Excel Spreadsheet, Google Sheets, and Home Remodeling Assistance

Welcome to our article on managing your renovation budget efficiently with our Excel and Google Sheets Renovation Budget Planner Template. Whether you are planning to renovate your home or undertaking a large-scale remodeling project, staying on top of your budget is crucial for a successful renovation. With our user-friendly template, you will be able to organize and track your expenses, monitor project progress, and make informed decisions to ensure that your renovation stays within budget. Say goodbye to the stress of overspending and let our template simplify your renovation planning process.

Hello! This post tutorial provides guidance on utilizing the Home Renovation Planner, an ideal spreadsheet for planning your house renovation project. The spreadsheet consists of six tabs at the bottom for better organization. Let’s begin with the first tab, the main Renovation Planner.

At the top, you can input the date started and choose an estimated completion date. Fill in your budget and the amount spent, which will be automatically populated from the Project Budget tab. Each line represents a task or item to be completed. Once you finish a task, you can check it off and specify its status as “Not Started,” “In Progress,” or “Complete.”

For example, let’s say the task is painting the deck. You can provide additional details such as the color (white), the person responsible (you or someone else), contact information, start and due dates, estimated cost, estimated time to complete, and any notes.

The second tab is the Idea List, where you can jot down various renovation ideas. You can categorize them under Design, Decor, Interior, Hacks, or Exterior. If needed, you can add new categories and apply them to all items within that category. For instance, if you want to discuss painting the walls, you can specify the color (gray), budget, provide a link to the idea source, and add any notes.

The Vendor Research Log tab allows you to research and track vendors you wish to engage for your renovation project. You can indicate their status (contacted, discussing, hired, not hiring, signed contract, hired and down payment paid, or paid in full), vendor name, contact name, email, category, website, estimated time to complete, total cost, amount paid, balance due, and balance due date.

The To-Do List tab provides a prioritized list with high, medium, and low priority tasks. You can mark items as complete and move them to the completed chart section. For example, if one of the tasks is completing the hallway by the 27th, you can indicate its completion status.

The Project Budget tab displays your target budget, total spent, and remaining budget. You can add categories and specify the cost for each item. As you enter the expenses, the total spent and remaining budget will be automatically calculated.

The Home Renovation Checklist tab offers a checklist for each category of the house, including the exterior, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, entryway, laundry room, and living room. You can add notes and create a shopping list. Feel free to customize the checklist by changing categories or adding/removing items.

You can print the spreadsheet by going to File > Print. Adjust the settings based on your preference, such as selecting the current sheet, fitting the width, and choosing between portrait or landscape orientation. Changing colors is easy, simply highlight the desired section, click on Fill Color, and choose a new color.

You have the flexibility to add new tabs, sections, or duplicate existing sections if necessary. By copying and pasting sections, you can expand the planner according to your requirements.

That concludes the overview of the Home Renovation Planner. It is designed to be highly useful, and I hope it provides you with great assistance.

Home Renovation Planner Excel Spreadsheet, Home Improvement Planning Google Sheets, Home Remodel

About the Template

Our comprehensive DIY Planner is the ideal solution for all your home renovation, construction, or interior design needs, be it a kitchen remodel, bathroom overhaul, or any project that requires a budget. With this budget spreadsheet, you can effortlessly stay organized.


  • Efficiently monitor your expenses and compare them to your actual spending!
  • Keep everything in one place for easy access and organization.
  • Contains a vendor contacts page and a vendor comparison page, enabling you to manage all your potential and actual vendors efficiently.
  • Automated charts and graphs.
  • Versions available in US Dollars, Euros, and UK Pounds.
  • Unlimited support from our team!

What’s Included

Upon purchase, you will receive:

  • Renovation Budget Planner in Microsoft Excel format
  • Google Sheets version of the same file (accessible through the PDF)
  • Transaction tracker
  • Vendor comparison tracker
  • Vendor contact page
  • Automated charts and graphs
  • Versions available in US Dollars, Euros, and UK Pounds
  • Unlimited support from our team!


Should you require the template in a different currency or color scheme, please don’t hesitate to message us.

Additional Information

After your purchase, kindly note the following:

  • You will need either Microsoft Excel or a Google Account
  • Consult the step-by-step instructions included with your purchase
  • Reach out to us for any additional support you may require.

Renovation Budget Planner Template: Stay Organized and Efficient During Your Home Renovation Project

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  • Suggests creating project timelines, tracking expenses, and organizing information related to contractors, permits, and materials

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5. Case studies or real-life examples:

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6. Online resources and tools:

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Remember, the actual information available will depend on the sources consulted, so it’s always important to conduct thorough research for the most accurate and relevant details.


In conclusion, a renovation budget planner template is an essential tool for staying organized and efficient during your home renovation project. It provides a clear overview of all expenses, allowing you to allocate funds effectively and ensure that you stay within budget. By using this template, you can easily track expenses, monitor progress, and make informed decisions throughout the renovation process. Additionally, the template helps streamline communication with contractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders, promoting a smoother and more successful renovation experience. Overall, incorporating a renovation budget planner template into your project planning is a crucial step towards achieving your desired home transformation while maintaining financial control.

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