How to Create QR Codes Using Google Sheets Easily

Creating QR codes using Google Sheets is very simple. All you need to do is combine some functions within Google Sheets. Therefore, there are various ways to create QR codes online. You can use online QR code generator websites or create QR codes in Google Docs or Google Sheets. Simply paste the link into Google Sheets and use the function. The following article will guide you on how to create QR codes using Google Sheets.

Guide to Creating QR Codes in Google Sheets using Functions

Step 1:
First, paste the link of the website you want to convert into a QR code in Google Sheets.

Step 2:
In the cell where you want to display the QR code for the entered link, we will enter the formula =IMAGE(“×500&cht=qr&chl=”&ENCODEURL(D48)) and press Enter.

In this formula, D48 represents the cell containing the website link, 500×500 is the size of the QR code. You can adjust this size as desired, keeping it in a square shape.

Step 3:
As a result, we will see the QR code displayed in Google Sheets as shown below. You can adjust the size of the cell to resize the display of the QR code.

Now, we can proceed to scan this QR code using the camera on a mobile phone. When scanning the QR code, it will provide an option to access the website associated with the QR code.

Creating QR Codes in Google Sheets using Add-ons

Step 1:
In the Google Sheets interface, click on the Add-ons tab, then select Get add-ons.

Step 2:
In the add-ons search interface, enter the keyword “QR Code Generator,” and you will see the results below. Click on the QR Code Generator add-on as shown below.

Step 3:
Next, click on the Install button to install this add-on in Google Sheets.

You will need to grant certain access permissions for this add-on. Click Allow to complete the installation of the QR Code Generator add-on.

Step 4:
Return to the QR Code Generator interface, click on the Add-ons tab, then select the QR Code Generator add-on, and click on Open to launch this add-on.

Step 5:
Click on the link of the website you want to generate a QR code for, then look to the right to adjust the QR code creation mode in Google Sheets using the add-on.

First, choose whether to save the QR code as an image or as a document. If you select Save as Document, it will create the QR code in Google Docs. If you select Save as PNG, the QR code image will be saved to Google Drive.

Finally, click Generate to create the QR code.

Step 6:
As a result, you will see options to open the Google Docs document to view the QR code or open the folder on your computer to view the QR code image.

Now, you can simply send this QR code image to others for them to scan and access the content.

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