How to Use the MEDIAN Function in Google Sheets

If you need to find the median value of a dataset in a spreadsheet without manually performing the calculation, Google Sheets provides a function that can do this for you instantly. Here is how to use the MEDIAN function:

  1. Open Google Sheets and navigate to the spreadsheet containing the dataset you want to find the median of.
  2. MEDIAN function syntax: =MEDIAN(<value1>, [<value2>, …])
  3. Click on an empty cell and enter =MEDIAN(<value1>, [<value2>, …]) into the cell or formula bar, replacing <value1> and <value2> with the values or cell ranges to be considered in the calculation. The MEDIAN function in Google Sheets supports any number of arguments and values, with the first value being optional. The function will look something like this:

After you press the Enter key, the cell will now contain the median of the numbers you specified in the function.

If you want to use a range of cells as the value, the function will look like this:


After you press the Enter key, the cell will contain the median value of the range you provided for the function.

Here are some important points to note about the MEDIAN function:

  • All entered values are sorted from lowest to highest, and empty cells (excluding 0) and cells containing text are ignored by the function.
  • The MEDIAN function returns the median value in a set of numerical data, if the set contains an odd number of values. If you input an even number of values, the MEDIAN function estimates the midpoint between the two middle values.
  • For example, consider inputting 36 values, none of which is “$31”. However, the function still returns the median value as “$31”. This is because, to find the median, the function adds the two middle numbers together and then divides by 2 to estimate the median. Therefore, the function performs the calculation (30 + 32) / 2 = 31 to produce the result.

Wishing you a successful execution!

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