Introduction to Google Sheets and Basic Google Sheets Usage Guide

Most of us are quite familiar with Excel, but have you ever used Google Sheets? Let Gitiho introduce you to the Google Sheets website. Let’s explore how you can apply Google Sheets in your work.

Introduction to Using Google Sheets

Google Sheets Usage Guide: Overview of Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web platform developed by Google that allows users to create and edit online spreadsheets. The features of Google Sheets are similar to Excel, including functions and tools to process data. Although Google Sheets may not have as many features as Excel, creating spreadsheets on Google Sheets is quite straightforward.

Google Sheets Usage Guide: Applications of Google Sheets

What can we use Google Sheets for? The applications of Google Sheets are virtually limitless. However, in this article, we will outline some typical spreadsheets that users on this website commonly create:

  • Planning and organizing real-life trips
  • Budget tracking
  • Compiling contact information (phone numbers, emails, addresses, etc.)
  • Calculating statistical data
  • Aggregating requirements
  • Generating invoices

Basic Guide to Using Google Sheets

Google Sheets Usage Guide: Google Sheets Interface

To access Google Sheets, you can directly visit the website or go through Google Drive. In the Drive window, simply click on New > Google Sheets.

The Google Sheets application window will appear in a new tab. The new spreadsheet does not have a name yet, so go ahead and start by giving a name to your spreadsheet.

After being edited, the spreadsheet name will be automatically updated.

Google Sheets spreadsheets are created using columns and rows, similar to Excel, where the intersection of a row and a column is referred to as a cell.

Take a look at these rectangular cells. To interact with a specific cell, simply click on it. If you want to select a range of cells, click and drag to highlight the desired range. The selected range will turn green.

The content you input into Google Sheets cells can be of any type: text, formatting, formulas, and functions.

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