Smart Compose Suggestions Now Available for Google Slides, Sheets, and Drawings

The Smart Compose Suggestions feature, previously present in the “Comment” section of Google Docs, is now available for Google Sheets, Slides, and Drawings (introduced for Google Docs in 2020).

Overview of Smart Compose Suggestions on Slides, Sheets, and Drawings

Last year, Google introduced the Smart Compose Suggestions feature in Google Docs, aiming to help users compose high-quality content more quickly and easily. This feature aids in saving time by reducing repetitive writing, minimizing the risk of spelling and grammar errors, and suggesting relevant phrases.

Now, this utility feature is available in the “Comment” section of Google Sheets, Slides, and Drawings.

By default, this feature will be enabled and can be disabled by accessing “Tools > Preferences” and unchecking “Show Smart Compose Suggestions.” Currently, Smart Compose Suggestions are available for all Google Workspace users.

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