The Ultimate Investment Tracker and Personal Finance Spreadsheet for Efficient Financial Planning

When it comes to managing our finances, staying organized and having a clear overview of our investments is essential. With the ever-growing complexity of the financial world, it becomes increasingly important to have a tool that can streamline our financial planning. In this article, we introduce the ultimate investment tracker and personal finance spreadsheet – a powerful and efficient solution designed to optimize your financial management and provide you with a comprehensive view of your investments. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, this tool is bound to revolutionize the way you manage and plan your financial future.

Our Investment Tracker is a professional-grade finance spreadsheet designed to simplify your personal finance management. This versatile portfolio template is the perfect complement to your budget planner or budget spreadsheet.


  • Consolidate your stock portfolio and crypto investments in one convenient location.
  • Stay updated with automatic price movements for your investments.
  • Keep track of your unrealized, realized, and total Profits & Losses to make informed investment decisions.
  • Visualize your investment portfolio breakdown by sectors, regions, and asset classes.
  • Rebalance and diversify your portfolio based on real-time data.
  • Set monthly investment goals and analyze your buying and selling patterns.
  • Support up to 5 currencies of your choice and multiple trading platforms.
  • Compare your portfolio performance against the S&P 500.
  • Enjoy a comprehensive crypto tracker with support for thousands of coins listed on CoinGecko.
  • Maintain a detailed trading journal to log your trades and transactions.

This Templates: Investment Tracker, Personal Finance Spreadsheet

File Format

Please note that this file is only available as a Google Sheets document and not as an Excel Sheet. Downloading it as Excel may negatively impact its formatting.

Accessing the File

After your purchase, you can access your digital file in two ways:

  1. Within Etsy, navigate to ‘Your Account’ and select ‘Purchases & Reviews’ to find the download link.
  2. The download link will also be sent to you via email.

Upon receiving the PDF file, you’ll find step-by-step instructions and helpful links to access the Google spreadsheets.

Setting up Your Personal Portfolio Tracker

Setting up your personal portfolio tracker is a breeze with these six simple steps:

  1. Customize your tracker by filling out the general settings, including your preferred currencies and investment categories.
  2. Update your cash balances and fixed income assets on the same sheet. Choose your reporting currency for accurate net worth and P&L calculations.
  3. Input basic stock details before buying or selling. These details will be automatically populated throughout the tracker.
  4. Record your stock purchases, including the stock name, quantity bought, transaction date, and amount spent in chronological order.
  5. Log your stock sales, providing the necessary details such as the stock name, quantity sold, transaction date, and amount received.
  6. Set your personal targets within the three reports: Net Worth, P&L, and Investments.

With our Investment Tracker, managing your personal finance has never been easier. Take control of your investments and track your progress with this powerful portfolio management tool.

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In conclusion

The Ultimate Investment Tracker and Personal Finance Spreadsheet is an invaluable tool for individuals seeking to efficiently manage their finances and plan for their future. This innovative spreadsheet offers a comprehensive and user-friendly interface that enables users to track their investments, expenses, income, and financial goals all in one place.

By providing real-time data and powerful analysis tools, this spreadsheet empowers users to make informed financial decisions and optimize their investment strategies. Additionally, its customizable features and compatibility with various financial institutions make it a versatile solution for individuals of all levels of financial expertise.

With the Ultimate Investment Tracker and Personal Finance Spreadsheet, individuals can confidently navigate the complex world of personal finance and achieve their financial goals efficiently and effectively.

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