Top 7 Free Retirement Planning Spreadsheets for 2023

Explore these 7 exceptional free retirement planning spreadsheets that will empower you to meticulously plan your financial future and explore various savings, investment, and withdrawal rate scenarios.

Preparing for retirement necessitates careful planning that commences years in advance, and a spreadsheet serves as the ideal tool for this purpose.

By utilizing a retirement spreadsheet, you can effortlessly input your personal financial figures and experiment with different variables, including savings, investment growth, and withdrawal rates. This enables you to gain a realistic understanding of what your retirement might encompass and helps identify areas where adjustments can be made today to align with your desired future.

Naturally, the future is uncertain, encompassing factors such as long-term rates of return, inflation, and even lifespan, which means no plan can guarantee absolute accuracy. However, as the adage goes, failure to plan is planning to fail.

Furthermore, spreadsheets are an invaluable financial planning instrument that can be utilized throughout your life. You can commence using one today to budget, reduce debt, and track your net worth. In your post-retirement years, you can customize your spreadsheet to optimize spending and safeguard your nest egg.

Embark on your retirement planning journey with a user-friendly retirement template.

While it is possible to create your own retirement planner from scratch, opting for a free template can save you time and effort. Here, we present seven exceptional free retirement spreadsheet templates that will assist you in your planning endeavors.

These templates go beyond basic retirement calculations and can aid in determining the optimal age to retire. Whether you aspire to achieve early retirement or consider a hybrid scenario where you continue working part-time while delaying the receipt of social security benefits, these spreadsheets offer valuable insights to support your decision-making process.

What a retirement template should show you:

  • your current savings, investments, and net worth
  • years to retirement (or your age at retirement)
  • annual withdrawal rate – usually recommended as 4% of your portfolio, adjusted for inflation each year
  • investment return rate – how much your investments and savings are returning on average over many years, often recommended at 4 – 8%
  • projected income needs for retirement
  • additional income sources as such social security, pensions, or annuities
  • Cost of living calculator
  • ways to model taxes

Retirement templates for Google Sheets

Experience the convenience and adaptability of the Retirement Planner spreadsheet, designed to estimate the future value of your savings and investments. This user-friendly template allows you to experiment with various growth rate scenarios, providing real-time projections of potential outcomes.

Retirement Calculator for Google Sheets by Vertex 42

This valuable spreadsheet serves as a reliable tool for tracking essential retirement metrics, including retirement goals, rates of return, inflation, current savings rate, and basic retirement needs.

Retirement Spreadsheet Recommended by Reddit

The inputs for this spreadsheet include:

  • Working ROI – Estimated annual return on investment during working years.
  • Retired ROI – Estimated annual return on investment during retirement.
  • Retired SWR – Safe Withdraw Rate, or amount (%) of total investment you plan on withdrawing annually during retirement.
  • Savings Rate – Percentage of income you will save during working years.
  • Beginning Bal (EOPY)
  • Salary – Your current annual salary including bonuses.
  • Annual Sal Increase – Estimated annual raise.
  • Est. Mo. SS Benefits – Estimated monthly Social Security benefits, which can be calculated from the Social Security Administration website HERE.
  • Birth Year – Year of your birth.
  • Retire age – Age you plan to retire.
  • SS Benefits Age – If you plan to collect benefits at 64, put 64

Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet

Introducing a straightforward and user-friendly retirement calculator in Google Sheets, designed to provide you with a glimpse into your potential financial situation based on customizable factors such as desired yearly spending and your current retirement stash.

Retirement templates for Excel

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel

Derived from the aforementioned Retirement Planner for Google Sheets, this Excel workbook template offers a comprehensive estimation of the future value of your savings and investments. Experience the flexibility to experiment with various growth rate scenarios and observe real-time projections of potential outcomes.

It is important to note that this automated spreadsheet template stands out on the list, as it is powered by Tiller. It seamlessly integrates with your daily spending, balances, and transactions, providing you with a precise and up-to-date snapshot of your financial status each day.

Retirement Financial Planner for Excel

Utilize this user-friendly retirement financial planner template to establish your retirement goals and ascertain the necessary savings required.

Simply input your age, salary, savings, investment return details, desired retirement age, and income into the template. The retirement planning tool will then calculate and present a chart illustrating the yearly earnings and savings targets needed to fulfill your objectives.

Financial Independence / Early Retirement Estimator for Excel

Embrace a fulfilling retirement with the assistance of this accessible Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) estimator template. Take charge of your goals, assess risks, and make thoughtful adjustments to your lifestyle. Begin crafting your ideal retirement by utilizing this comprehensive template.

Cash flow planning spreadsheets

Meticulous cash flow planning plays a vital role in ensuring retirement security. By projecting income streams from investments, pensions, and Social Security, and comparing them to estimated expenses, retirees can proactively identify any potential shortfalls. This proactive approach allows retirees to take necessary measures in a timely manner.

Cash Flow Forecast Templates for Google Sheets and Excel

With the Cash Flow planning template available for both Google Sheets and Excel, you gain the ability to forecast your cash flow well into the future. This versatile template empowers you to test various income and expense scenarios over the long term, providing valuable insights for effective financial planning.

Moreover, this template serves as a valuable tool in making informed and intelligent financial decisions that contribute to your long-term financial well-being.

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