What can Google Sheets do that Excel cannot?

Google Sheets is one of the popular applications on Google Drive, often compared to Microsoft’s Excel. However, are there things that Google Sheets can do that Excel cannot? Explore the article below to discover these useful features!

#1 Tracking Stock Market Information with Google Finance on Google Sheets

One of the most notable features of Google Sheets is its ability to swiftly track stock market financials.

With the support of Google Sheets, all you need to do is use the GOOGLEFINANCE function, and you can retrieve data directly from the Google Finance platform. In a Google Sheets spreadsheet, simply input the following formula into any cell.

The formula for tracking stock indices on Google Sheets is as follows: =GOOGLEFINANCE("stock symbol")

Just input the stock symbol you want to track, and wait for Google Sheets to display the results in just a few seconds.

Example: If you want to retrieve the stock information for Microsoft on today’s trading session, you simply need to use the following formula:


#2 Translation in any language using Google Translate

Google Sheets also integrates a direct translation feature for any language. To use this feature, you can utilize the GOOGLETRANSLATE function to translate between two languages in Google Sheets.

The formula for the function is as follows: =GOOGLETRANSLATE(text; “source_language”; “target_language”)


text: The text or vocabulary to be translated.
source_language: The language code consisting of two letters of the source language, for example, "en" for English, "vi" for Vietnamese, "ko" for Korean, or "auto" to automatically detect the language.

Example: =GOOGLETRANSLATE(“Hello”; “en”; “vi”)

#3 Save all versions of a document

There are times when you may find yourself naming an Excel file with versions like v01, v02, v03, and so on.

With Google Sheets, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because Google Sheets automatically saves all changes for you into different versions of the document.

You can easily find a previous version using the “See Revision History” feature under the File tab.

#4 Easy to share, easy to collaborate

This feature is also what makes Google Sheets increasingly popular, as it allows multiple people to work on a document together. You can also see who is typing what.

While working, Google Sheets also supports group chat functionality so that we can work and collaborate more efficiently.

#5 Always backed up, no fear of data loss

Every piece of data you compose and update on Google Sheets is continuously backed up on Google Drive. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about losing documents in case of a power outage or computer failure.

Google Drive also allows you to work on a file from anywhere you want without any hassle. In some urgent work situations, you can access the spreadsheet to edit it instantly, eliminating the need to constantly copy files between devices as in Excel.

#6 Free

Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage space for users, and additionally, you can upgrade your storage capacity at a very low cost.

This is also an undeniable strength of Google’s storage platform. Unlike Microsoft’s Office suite, where you need to purchase a key at a relatively high price to activate the license before use.

Here is an article highlighting things that Google Sheets can do that Excel cannot? With this information, it is hoped that you will find this spreadsheet tool more useful and leverage its functionalities!

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